23.Too $hort - Gettin' It(2)

I know you tired of being broke just hanging out
You gotta lot a dreams but you can't get out
The first thing you need to do is set your self some goals
Think positive, everything else is old
and work hard, never stop hustlin
Cause they just love to see the black man strugglin
(So what are you saying Todd?)
It's time to come up, put your dollar bills in the air
He said meet me at the White House and I was there
Cause I'm one in a million, black man rising
They want to keep me down but I always surprise em
Spend my money in the hood, I know it's all good
and you should do the same I told you peep the game
FROM Too $hort, you know I'm the man
I lend my brother a hand cause I know I can
I keep going and goin but I'm not the pink bunny
I'm not beatin on a drum I never stop thinkin money
I'm gettin all I can if you don't ya slip
I can't wait to get to heaven just to have a grip
When I was broke, I couldn't afford a meal
But now I'm now rich I can't be fake I gots to keep it real
It's been a long time baby since I first got down
But it still keep making these funky sounds

You should be gettin it
Get it while the gettin is good, get it while you can
you should be gettin it
Get it while the gettin is good


(I earned my respect in the street
The ghetto's been good to me
I'm never going to turn my back
The true and living so I got to kick the facts)